Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Book of a Woman

Just completed reading the book "The book of a Woman" by Osho.The book touches the different levels on female consciousness like mind, body, meditation, marriage, love, creativity!! Liked the book to some extent, but can't agree about his views on marriage & relationships. 

Reading the book made me to think about an "Ideal Woman"..

Earlier expectations about a woman was just confined to the house & hearth! She was expected only to handle the house hold works, to follow the foot steps of her husband, to look after her children & in-laws.. While the man concentrated on bringing the bread for the whole household..!

But now..?? Things has changed upside down! Apart from being a good wife, a good mother or a good daughter-in-law, she is expected to be an interior designer(to keep her home look like a star hotel), good finance controller & investor (advising her hubby with regard to good prospects for investment opportunities), a good educationalist (for teaching the kids) and if she can manage all this while keeping down a lucrative job then all the more ideal!!

So what has changed this? Certainly the one major factor seems to be “EDUCATION”. Education for a  girl child has changed the scenario and given more control to the present day woman to exercise her choices and talents.

I remember the saying in Manu Smriti, "Gods are pleased only when women are venerated. And where women are not venerated, all the sacred rituals are futile. A family whose women live in sorrow soon perishes. The family whose women are happy always prospers. A household whose unhappy women members curse soon perishes completely"

While reading this post, you may be thinking that I am a feminist. But I'm not and I could never be one , because it does not speak to who I am as a woman. :)